Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream watch Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans Live stream Online Tv Channel

Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Live: Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream at Arrowhead Stadium for Thursday’s season opener against the Houston Texans.

The Kansas City Chiefs kick off their Super Bowl Championship defense on Thursday night at home against the Houston Texans. The Chiefs are heavily favored in their Banner Raising contest, but what individual matchups should fans be watching for as the 2020 NFL Seaso.

This will be a Chiefs season unlike any fans have known. The COVID-19 pandemic will make sure of that. The national health crisis is causing significant changes to how fans will watch NFL games this season.

There will be an on-field ceremony to mark the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV championship. The Chiefs said Mitch Holthus will lead the ceremony, which will include a special message from Norma Hunt, the widow of franchise founder Lamar Hunt.

Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream

This will culminate with the championship banner being raised. Fans will want to tune in at 7:10 p.m., because it will be broadcast on NBC.

An operator at Arrowhead Stadium will push a button to create fan noise after each play. The NFL created specific sound bites culled from thousands of hours of previous games. There are specific fan sounds for a long pass, a fumble, a sack, an extra point, etc.

Those sounds will be a maximum of 80 decibels, The Associated Press reported, well below the highest crows noise ever recorded at Arrowhead Stadium (142.2, a record for an outdoor venue).

Tomorrow’s Texans vs Chiefs live stream marks the start of the new NFL season. And we’re starting off hot with a rematch of the divisional round playoff game that Kansas City had basically lost until they blew Houston away. Here’s everything you need for this NFL live stream.

Memories of that game, which feels like it took place years (and not months) ago, will likely push many to think that Houston’s defense just won’t have enough to stop a strong showing from QB Patrick Mahomes and the rest of defending Super Bowl LIV champs. As that game showed, you need to be in the game mentally for the whole game, not just the first quarter.

Before the Chiefs eliminated the Texans last season, there was plenty of reason for the Houston squad to feel confidence. But in that one game, everything broke against Houston, leaving many to wonder how they’ll reassemble it all (which could start in this game).

Meanwhile, the Texans are also starting their season on what many consider the wrong side of their trade that sent All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, in exchange for running back David Johnson.

So, Houston isn’t exactly starting their season in the driver’s seat. A perfectly played game could get them the win, but that’s assuming all X-factors break against Kansas City. Which means — unsurprisingly — that KC is the heavy favorite at Vegas, currently a 9-point favorite to be exact.

An offseason unlike any other football fans have experienced this side of 1918 has come and, as of tomorrow night, gone. Your Houston Texans will open the NFL’s 2020 regular season slate tomorrow night at Arrowhead Stadium against the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Deshaun Watson versus Patrick Mahomes, under the lights and in front of a national television audience that should be positively giddy about the prospect of football resuming. Below is all you need to know to ensure you don’t miss a second.

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